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About US 

Camp City is a company that offers day camp programs for students in New York. We offer an incredible variety of programs and activities. We are committed to the enjoyment and safety of all our campers, which is why we have strict policies that will safeguard the children against COVID-19. We give teens the opportunity to take unique trips, have fun, learn something new, and form lifelong friendships.

We have organized our trips around a weekly theme, enabling teenagers to choose what interests them most. Going away on an extended day and overnight trips is part of the experience!


The teens embark on trips to many exciting locations such as:

  • Sporting events

  • Theme parks

  • Broadway shows

  • Interactive exhibits

  • Natural parks

  • And more!

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Camp City Experience

What is a Learning Pod?

Micro-schools pods, pandemic pods, and learning pods all refer to the same concept, one that is pretty easy to understand: students gathering together in a small group – with adult supervision – to learn, explore, and socialize.

Why pods? Interest in pods has spiked due to the COVID 19 pandemic. In pods, many families see an educational environment where their children can learn and socialize with fewer health and safety concerns. In a recent poll of families nationwide, just 1/3 of parents said they were comfortable sending their child back to school under the present circumstances.  For many, pods seem like a way to both prioritize safety and engage in much-needed in-person learning and community—for parents looking for alternative learning environments. 

Each week will be tailored to each pod.
Week one will be ice breakers, team building,  Intro to the end of a summer passion project. Intro to program, 

Planned Activities (depending on pod goals)
Weekly trips - Planned trips include Rock Climbing, Ninja Course. Dorney Park, Six Flags, Pool, Beach, etc.

We pride ourselves on providing unique day trips and special overnights for campers going into the 7th, 8th and 9th grades!


About Me

Amanda Thomas, Camp City Director

Energetic educator with proven skills in teaching students diverse subjects. Keeping classrooms organized and students on-task to facilitate effective learning. Diligent and adaptable in meeting individual student needs with warm, safe educational environments. Committed to providing students with necessary tools to achieve academic and social skill goals, instilling a love of learning, and cooperative teamwork. Adept in the application of excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

Over six years of experience educating and working with youth physical, mental, and social development by implementing classroom games and outdoor recreational activities. Roles and responsibilities included organizing program activities and children's supervision at parks and on day trips for hands-on lessons about nature and the physical environment. Other activities include applied play-based strategies, including liberal arts, music, theater, crafts, and games, to provide diverse learning and social skills approaches.


City College of New York - CCNY  New York, NY  

Bachelor of Arts: Public Relations, Advertising, And Applied Communication

·    Coursework in Art in Education


First Aid/CPR Certified

COVID 19 Compliance Officer

TEFL Certified